Dealing with stressors in competition

Dealing with stressors in competition

One of the major point destroyers in competition can be stress, in most sports a certain amount of stress can be a good thing but not in Archery. As an Archer you need to be able to approach the shoot line in a relaxed stress free condition.

Stressors come in many forms and can build upon themselves until a small event or problem builds to mountainous proportions with disastrous effect on your score card.

Learn to recognise the Stressors that effect your performance and take action to minimise the effect that they have on you and your shooting, stress cannot be eliminated but the effect it has on you can be controlled. Competitive Archery is a sport built on control, control of your equipment, control of your muscles and control of your emotional state.

There are many relaxation techniques, the following are some suggestions that may help however if you are having sever reactions to the Stressors in competition there is no shame in seeking advice from  a qualified Sports Psych.

The links below are to the website of Dr. Monica Frank I have found her audio downloads very beneficial to my students

  • Ensure your training is complete to your satisfaction
  • Approach the competition with a positive attitude, be realistic things can go wrong and probably will, when they do know that you can handle it and you will overcome.
  • Have your equipment in perfect working order
  • Record all measurements relating to your equipment so you can check if needed
  • Know all you can about the venue your competitors and the competition itself
  • Be ultra-organised do all you can ahead of time so there are no last minuet surprises or as few as possible
  • Download Audio sport motivation exercises
  • Browse through Dr Frank’s site as you will find App’s and Audio downloads on a variety of subjects that may help