Looking to travel?

Looking to travel?




As Published in the US and International Archer and Archery Action Magazines March 2012

Well I we have a tournament or two just around the corner for you be it as a competitor, spectator or an armchair tourist doing your traveling on the net. To kick off we have the European Pro Archery series. This will be starting with the Doinker Welsh Masters 21st to 22nd of April to be held at Canada Lake, near Cardiff, this event will be pitting the best Professional archers the world has to offer against those up and coming archers looking to de-thrown the masters.

If you are in the spectator class, you can either be there in person to watch the action and take in the majesty of the Welsh countryside and enjoy everything Wales has to offer or sit back in a comfortable lounge chair at home as I have done and watch live event Coverage on www.pro-archery.com . I found that the camera work was excellent as you are able to see the finest detail in the shot right down to the impact of the shaft as the split screen gives you that extra dimension. As well as the split screen you have the live score board that you simply click on to see the archers shoot history.

Then a little later in the year you have the Cartel Classic at Mullenborn Germany this is the 2nd Pro shoot for 2012 on the 16th and 17th of June at the Mullenborn sports club. This too is broadcast live and free on the net.


Since spending a day shooting there last November this has become one of our favourite places to shoot; the country side is magnificent with plenty of affordable accommodation in the adjacent villages, excellent shopping and local restaurants. The ranges at the Mullenborn Club are a dream to shoot with some very challenging shots  both up and down hill so don’t forget to bring your good hiking shoes. Lighting is something that can add another layer of difficulty to a shot, I found this to be the case on the third shot of the 80 yard walk up set as a medium grade uphill target behind the clubhouse. For this shot we were standing in the gloom of the forest with a shimmer of light playing across my lens at least that is my excuse for dropping that point on the 60 Yard.

The country is a little steep in places but not an extreme range, for those who have shot at the magnificent ranges of Mount Tiger in the New Zealand north island you will find these a bit easier but just as challenging and equally as beautiful . The club members we met made us feel like we had walked onto our own home ranges they were just so helpful and friendly but it is like that no matter where you go to shoot the world over isn’t it?

Mullenborn is well worth going to just for the local scenery and don’t forget to visit some of the Magnificent castles the district has to offer while you are there. So you will have plenty to do be it shooting or hitting the tourist trail for those in the support crew/non shooting partners.  To book a day or a week of shooting just visit their web site at www.susc-muellenborn.de or their Facebook page at  http://www.facebook.com/susc.muellenborn and book your shoot time.

Round Three of the Pro series is at Fort Van Lier Belgium on the 18th and 19th of August this will be a nail biter as this year’s line-up looks like being even stronger than last years. This is another one of those shoots I have on my to do list after watching last year’s Tournament with extreme shots from the bottom of pits shooting into the sun at over 40 degrees then to a target that is shot from the bright light through a dark stone tunnel to a brightly lit target at the other end. For this course the Range Master truly has designed a layout that has tested the best archers the world has to offer.




The Pro rankings as of the start of 2012 are as follows:


1 Dave Cousins

9000.00 EURO

2 Liam Grimwood

3929.78 EURO

3 Chris White

3480.87 EURO


1 Ivana Buden

3343.00 EURO

2 Gladys Willems

2014.50 EURO

3 Camilla Soemod

857.50 EURO

Not enough personal action for you?

Then why not go for a quick trip to Argentina and join us for the 2012 IFAA World Field Archery Championships (WFAC) at Miramar Argentina from the 28th of October to the 3rd of November, this is a competition everyone is eligible to enter you just have to enter and pay your fees no qualifying scores for IFAA Competitions. Now if you don’t know what to expect this is how it goes, try to get there a day or so earlier to settle in and say hi to old friends, register and do a little practice. Then day one is the opening ceremony followed by drinks and something to eat, knowing the Argentinians it will be a real treat with floor shows and lots to remember just don’t drink too much as tomorrow is the shooting.

Day 1 of the competition begins with 28 marked distance Field or Hunter targets out to 80 Yards maximum then the same for the second day only this time if you shot field on day 1 you will shoot hunter on day 2 or visa versa. Then day 3 will be 28 marked distance animal targets maximum 60 Yards this will be an easy day with an early finish.


Days 4 and 5 will be Hunter and Field Targets again every evening you should check your scores and your next day’s group if it has been made up, do this as you will be peer grouped this means you will be shooting with the archers closest to your score in your style of archery for the next day and each day after that.

Day 6 will be the Presentations and Banquet this is a lavish affair with all the trimmings of a magnificent 3 course meal accompanied by the best of local wines and entertainment that is Uniquely Argentinian.

The venue for the shoot is at Miramar this beautiful area of coastal dune lands and lightly timbered forests 498klm 5 hours drive south of Buenos Aires. Many members of the Argentinian Archery association will be working on the ranges starting from February through to the2012 WFAC.

Friends of ours Roberto Flores and his family among many others will be staying at Miramar for February devoting their annual work holidays to creating a world class set of field archery ranges just for you to shoot on.
After a day shooting by the sea at Miramar you will find all the city life just 40 Klm away at mar del plata the second largest city of the Buenos Aires Province and largest beachside resort in Argentina.

If you can make this trip into a tour of Argentina, there is just so much to see. After the World Indoor in 2009 we travel down through Patagonia to El Calafate nestled on the banks of Lake Argentino in the Los Glaciares National Park. Then back through Argentina to one of the great natural wonders of the world, the Iguaçu Falls. This was a trip we will remember always as we will also keep close the friends we have made in Argentina.

Now for a quick look further into the future!

The 2013 IFAA World Bowhunter Championships at Die Oog South Africa this will be a Bowhunter Championships not to be missed. This will not be a gentle course set in your suburban parklands this is the country of big game hunts and safari, the Die Oog is the African Bush with big game in it natural environment. I can assure you the competition will be run properly and you will be looked after very well by the members of the SANIFAA- South African Archery.

During the 2011 IFAA World Indoor in south Africa there was nothing that did not go to plan and we were treated to a wonderful tournament from start to finish. I can assure you the 2013 WBHC will be the same from the opening ceremony to the closing Banquet. You will be able to book hunting trips be it with gun, bow or camera for after the shoot, I will have more information on this and other news on my site www.archeryfix and in future articles as we get closer to the shoot. So keep the 7th of June to the 15th June 2013 clear for the trip of a lifetime.

Now a little closer to home!

As many would know my site Archeryfix has been a place to go for basic tuning and shooting tips, it was set up a few years ago to assist my students around the world to excel in this wonderful sport. Well it has just had a makeover, in fact much of it is totally changed it is now a free to use and to submit archery news, History,  Tournament dates and info website. There is a Tournament gallery section where you can post a photo of your latest shoot, a Bowhunters Gallery where you can post a photo of that big buck, Featured articles pages where you can submit a story about a hunt or competition along with photos or just some information that will help your fellow archers.

The news pages and scrolling headlines are for you and your associations to send in items of archery related news. This site has been setup so I can give a little back to the sport that has given so much to me and my family and friends. You will notice advertising banners on the site, these are so the site can eventually be self-supporting to this end those businesses that support Archeryfix will be able to also post information about their services and products from time to time.

So please take the time to visit www.archeryfix.com for your Archery Fix.

Last and far from least I would like to thank our sponsors who help me to assist others in this wonderful sport, Vortex Optics, Ontarget2 Software for archers, Shibuya sights, Tru Ball releases, Trophy Taker rests, Twister Bowstrings, The US and International Archer Archery and Action magazine for publishing my ramblings.

Peter Bourke

Archery Consultant for www.archeryfix.com