The Battle for Fort Van Lier 2012

The Battle for Fort Van Lier 2012

Well here we are getting ready for the 30 hour trip to Argentina for the 2012 IFAA World Field Archery Championships (WFAC) and I still can’t  get the Fort Van Lier shoot out of my mind it was just so exciting. With a truly international group of Pro-archers fighting against a course designed by people with a desire to really make it difficult, anything that could be done to make each shot more difficult than the last was done.

The list of traps for the unwary is endless, shooting from the inside of a boarded up concrete bunker to the bright sun lit target through a gap in the boards or through a tunnel running through the World War one fort. Both Male and female archers were faced with shots from the roof of the Fort down and back up again using a mixture of lighting and just steep angles to add a level of difficulty that is found in very few Archery ranges around the world.

The two first place takers Kristina Berger and Dietmar Trillus both won their respective divisions by 6 points each this is a large lead for such a hard fought competition among the best archers the world has to offer. I am not saying that the other archers did not do well this was a nail bitingly close competition that became even harder on day two as the weather started to heat up with blistering temperatures. Just competing in the Pro series against the highest standard of archers would be hard enough without these extremes of weather on a course designed to send a shiver down the spine of the most seasoned Pro.

For those who have not watched the Pro series shoots before you are in for a surprise and if you would like to look back in time a bit all the European Pro shoots are still on line simply by going to the events page. For those who are thinking of carving their name in history with a win at a European Professional Archery competition you will find all the information on their website at .

When you go to the webpage with the video presentation of the shoot scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the map of the fort this will open in a new page. The map page has all the information you could want regarding the Range itself, the size of the target face, distance and shot angle to each target face so while you are watching the shooting you can have a quick look at the info for that target and its location on the map. While you are on the video page by simply clicking on the name of an archer you will find information like career highlights the equipment they use their score at all stages of the competition and career prize winnings in the European  Pro-archery series. In fact the more you look around on this site the more you can learn about the Pro series and those who compete in it.

Kristina Berger of Germany took out first place with her Total Winnings In the pro series: 1,500.00 EURO on her debut appearance at a European Pro shoot. Gladys Willems of Belgium in second place with her Total Winnings In the pro series: 6,626.07 EURO and Camilla Soemod of Denmark in third place with her Total Winnings In the pro series: 2,126.49 EURO.

Dietmar Trillus of Canada made his debut on the European Pro Archery tour at the 2011 Cartel Classic in Mullenborn, now on his 5th Pro shoot he has taken first place at Fort Van Lier with a Total Winnings In the pro series: 6,273.72 EURO, with Liam Grimwood of Great Britton in second place with a Total Winnings In the pro series: 12,784.47 EURO and Andre Grawinkel of Germany in third place with a Total Winnings In the pro series:7,174.53 EURO.

Well not all of us can compete in the Pro series but we can all sit back in our favourite arm chair and watch it all as it happens or go over those past Pro shoots to study how the top archers shoot. Now if you fancy your chances shooting against the best well just get out there and practice learn as much as you can then have a go at qualifying all you need to know in on the website.


Last and far from least I would like to thank our sponsors who help me to assist others in this wonderful sport, Vortex Optics, Ontarget2 Software for archers, Shibuya sights, Tru Ball releases, Trophy Taker rests, Twister Bowstrings they blow away the rest and The US and International Archer magazine for publishing my ramblings.

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