Your Archery Academy App


The following is a an overview of the App (Your Archery Academy) and the payment system for both student and coach

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Student side of Your Archery Academy App

All pricing will be in US Dollars.
The App for iPhone and Android is server based because of the complexity and massive amount of data involved, it will be free to download for the student who registers and can then choose a sport then a coach in that sport, the student then has access to the coaches profile and the free information provided by this coach on the app servers.
Up to this point everything is free then it is up to the coach to determine how much they charge for personal coaching.
1. Now the student clicks the video coaching button and records a few videos of their performance
2. Student fills in their sporting profile and info on what their problem is
3. Student then selects up to 3 video clips (this is configurable) and edits them to the length to suit their sport (for Archery about 15 seconds per clip) this editing is done in app
4. Student clicks send and if being charged for coaching they will be taken to PayPal then when the transaction is complete the video is sent to the coach.
5. The student will also have access to Chat to talk to the coach privately to discuss their concerns.
6. Coach downloads the video and attached info from the Student via our servers.
7. Coach views the clip or runns the video through Kinovea or another video motion analysis program and sends the report back to the student using screen prints and PDF plus the use of the in app chat system between coach and student.

Coach side of Your Archery Academy App

All pricing will be in US Dollars.
The coach downloads the same app as the student but uses the coach link
1. Coach registers and agrees to the terms and signs up to a PayPal agreement for US$9 per month for server fees and 10% of the fees they charge for their services.
2. The coach fills in their Profile with acreditation and and performance record.
3. Coach now has access to the back side of the App to handle downloads and
4. The coach uploads any information they want to help their students (and have copyright too) into their free to view info pages on our servers
5. The coach can now promote their services through clubs, magazines, news letters
6. Coach is notified when a student video arrives and can download students videos and use chat with their students to address any problems
As this app will be re-configurable it can be set up for multiple sports with multiple coaches, one association with multiple coaches or as a learning aid for any type of educational endeavor.

Refunds Policy

If a coach has not replied within 4 working days of posting their video the student will be entitled to a prompt full purchase price refund.