French Tuning your Arrow Rest

French Tunning you Arrow Rest


This is my favourite way of setting my dynamic centre shot, the dynamic centre shot process sets your arrow directly in line with your bowstrings line of thrust. As all bows with a single side cable guard twist and distort through the draw process because the cables are held to one side by the cable guard forcing the cams to try to align with the direction of force exerted by the off centre cables.

If your arrow rest is set to perfect centre alignment with the bow un-drawn a close shot will be on target however as you move further from the target the impact point will move further to one side, this is because your centre shot is not in line with the plane of thrust of your bow string. The cure is simple, you will need a target with one vertical Black line (black electrical insulation tape is good for the vertical line) and at least 55 yards to shoot in and a black felt marker.

If you will be shooting up or down hill shots like in field archery set your sights third axis before setting your centre shot I use a Hamskea level  there are many other ways to set your sight that I will go into in another discussion.

Ensure the arrow shaft height is correct the shaft should be in line with the bolt that holds your rest on the bow the Berger button hole.

First set your target up with the line perfectly vertical (you can use a builders level or simply hang an arrow point down between 2 fingers and allow it to hang this will be vertical)  now place a few ¼” 6mm dots with the felt pen or just a single vertical line with a felt tip marker on the target above halfway.

Now set your site at 50 to 55 yards and stand 4 to 5 feet from the target aim carefully at one dot or the vertical marker line and shoot if the impact is to the left adjust your site windage knob until your arrow impacts on the vertical line or in the same vertical line as the dot.

Now your site is set move back to the distance on your site 50 or 55 yards and aim at the centre of the thick vertical line you made with the black electrical tape, when you have shot 3 well grouping arrows check to see which side of the vertical line they are on if they have impacted to the left move your arrow rest to the right if they have impacted to the right move your arrow rest to the left.

Repeat this whole process at close and longer distances until your arrows impact both near and 55 yard lines without having to readjust your sight or rest then your Dynamic centre Shot is set.

Don’t forget when you are using any type of tuning only tune to the good shots ignore those shots you feel to be poor shots and your tuning can only ever be as good as your shooting so as you improve in your shooting recheck your tuning.