Frequently asked Questions

                                      Frequently asked Questions

The following links are to the Answers for most asked by my students around the world they are in no particular order:
Q: How do I set my peep height
A: Click here for Peep setting
Q: my bow is tuned well to my capability, I score well at club and at home yet when I compete I drop points on the easiest of targets
A: there could be many reasons for this but a common failing is that your sight is not on the x when the release goes off be it fingers or release aid this could be caused by many hard to identify failures usually starting from bad habits creeping into your shot sequence the best way of identifying the cause is to work with a competent coach. These simple drills will assist Blind bail Drills and Aiming drills
Q: I have been told I have Target Panic, gold Fever, I freeze off the dot or choke and find it very difficult if not impossible to get to the X zone without releasing prematurely.
A: Good news you don’t have an irreversible disease that will destroy your shooting career, you have just picked up some bad habits’ and more good news is that you don’t have to buy training aids, new release aids or find a new sport. The best news of all is that you can cure this habit yourself by following the info on these drills, remember habits take time to develop and will take time to remove by reprogramming your Neural pathways, just follow the instructions in the following links Blind bail Drills and Aiming drills if you are still having problems please see your coach, if this is not possible my new App will be out early in 2016.
Q: I find my Arrows impact point moves further to the left or right as the distance to the target increases.
A: The first thing to check is your Dynamic center Shot this is a matter of aligning your Arrow with your bow strings dynamic line of thrust see French Tuning your Arrow rest

Q: When shooting up or down at acute angles my arrow goes to the right or left of the point I was aiming at the steeper the angle the further off the shot is.

A: your third axis on your sight needs setting in relation to your bow riser I have tried many 3rd axis leveling tools and methods and by far the easiest and most accurate in my opinion has been the level made by HAMSKEA Archery Solutions this link is to their video as the process is involved but well worth doing, if you are shooting in extreme conditions it is worth every cent.

Q: why am I not winning competitions and getting Personal Best scores,  I do everything correctly my form is good my setup is good I follow the advice of all the contributors on Archery  forums I buy the latest bows and accessories.

A: Is in two parts

  1. Archery forums do have some good information on them at times but more often than not the people giving the information have never achieved at a higher level than yourself have never really coached or studied the effects of what they are suggesting on the Archer or their performance. See Your COACH.
  2. New equipment is so much fun it is like unwrapping presents and the promotions that go with it say you will fix your problems have the edge on your competitors or hit the target every time. The reality is sadly none of the above in most cases, in fact the one thing that will in most cases deliver performance enhancement is still Good coaching. See Your COACH

Q: When I compete I tighten up, Choke, cant relax, the stress of just getting to the competition burns me out or I am unable to compete at the level I know I am capable of, you may find that you need tools to assist you in Dealing with stressors in competition