Calming Tournament Nerves

Call it stage fright, Tournement nerves or choking this is a very debilitating  problem. These symptoms can manifest themselves in many ways from slight tension to disabling tremors and in most cases this problem can be relieved and even fixed permantly without spending a fortune on sports psycolagests or drugs.

The presure we feel when comencing a competition for some can be exilerating and empowering for others the opisite is the case. What we need are the tools to guide us thruough the presures of competing, to this end there are many people on the net promising magic fixes, most of these are just a scheem to make the publisher money. Having said that many are in it to genuanly help us, one of these is Monica A. Frank, Ph.D., Clinical and Sport Psychologist her site is well worth visiting, on it you will find a wealth of information as well as audio files to download and even an app for your cell phone/mobile phone her site is well worth visiting as I have seen the results first hand. Simply download the audio files and listen to them repeatedly but don’t play it while driving, competing or performing complex tasks as many people just fall asleep myself included.

There is another thing you can do to help calm your pre-tournament nerves and that is proper preparation, yes you will say I am as prepared as I can possibly be. Yes I have heard this many times, in fact you may have gone through my Tournament preparation guide, but wait that is just the physical preparation now think about it this is a mental sport more than it is a physical sport.

Here are a few simple things you can do to help yourself to achieve your potential:

  • Set realistic goals that you honestly believe you can achieve
  • Find out as much about your tournament venue as you can so there are fewer surprises on the day I am talking about everything from the location of the bathroom to where you will have lunch
  • Don’t concern yourself about your competitors as this can have no effect on your score as you can only shoot your own arrows, in fact they are only concerned with themselves.
  • Do your homework know how you will get to and from the venue,  allow enough time before the shoot time for warm up and fixing those things that just seem to happen. I arrived in South Africa for the last IFAA World Indoor I opened my bow case and low and behold my new stabiliser was smashed. Two hours later one of the local shop owners handed me a new X10 Identical to the one that was smashed, as I had plenty of time before the shoot there was no real problem.