Creep tuning for twin Cam Bows

Key Benefits of creep tuning for twin cam bows
creep tuning will allow you to achieve a more consistent shot under varying conditions especially as you tire towards the end of a long day of shooting
this will help with your confidence at a tournament as you will know this part of your equipment is working to perfection
When things go wrong you will have a quick and easy method of checking your cam timing

Creep tuning for twin cams

With you bow sighted in for twenty yards and your cams timed correctly your good shots should hit at the same height when you draw hard against the cam stops or if you allow the string to creep forward a little. If this is not the case follow these few simple steps.

To set cam timing approximately by sight draw your bow till the first cam stop just touches have some one observe this for you or use a bow drawing board. If one stop touches before the other, twist one of your cables one to two turns at a time with the bow in a bow press, you will soon identify the cable that requires adjustment by trial and observation. Repeat this process until both cams touch at the same time.

For many shooters this will be as far as they want or need to go with timing.

If you are looking for a higher level of consistency as in a field or target tournament where you want that last shot at the tired end of the day to be as good as when you started fresh in the morning do the following.

Time your cams as described above, then using a felt pen or masking tape to draw a straight line horizontally on a sheet of cardboard.
At twenty yards shoot 3 good shots pulling firmly against the wall (cam stops) all three should touch the line (only use your good shots).
Repeat the 3 shots this time allow the shot to creep into the valley a little (the cam stops should just separate from the point of contact)
if your cams are in perfect time all of your good shots should hit the line if not follow this system