My First Hunting Trip

My First Hunting Trip

By Jack Farnham


Hi I’m Jack Farnham aged 10 years old and live in Bundaberg Queensland, Australia. My Dad told me that he would take me hunting in the September school holidays (2011) with my friend Blake and his dad who we shoot field archery with at our local archery club. I was so excited that I would be going on my first hunt and the holidays couldn’t come faster enough.

Day 1 arrived and we were off to Bonus Downs Property south of Mitchell, Queensland. It took about 9 hours to get there but I was so excited when we arrived. We put our stuff into the shearing shed quarters  and got dressed to go down to the nearby dam to have a look around before it got dark. We saw some pigs coming in but I guess they saw us and took off.

The next morning we were up early and away to find some goats in a nearby paddock. Dad and I went together in one direction and Blake went with his dad in another. It wasn’t long when we came across some goats.  We started the stalk with me in front and my dad behind with the video camera. I came within 16 meters of a young Billy and let go my first arrow, hitting it in the back quarter. It ran off and laid down under some trees where I stalked up to about 10 meters and let go my second arrow, a perfect heart shot, he wasn’t going nowhere. I was so excited and thrilled- this was my first kill. Dad was just as excited as me and congratulated me on my first goat kill.



I was shooting Barebow with my Mission Menace set at 30lbs and using ST Epic Jnr Carbon Arrows tipped with Wasp 4 Blade Broad heads.

Not long after that, Dad also shot a young Billy.

After taking some photos we headed on back to the homestead as it was very hot. Late in the afternoon we went back to the dam to try and get a pig but no luck getting one.

The next day as it was so hot we decided to go down to the dam to see what was around, but there was only nannies and kids coming in for a drink but no pigs which I was after. We all ended up with one goat each and it was the best couple of days hunting with my Dad. I can’t wait until this year’s hunt.