Setting your Arrow Rest

Setting your Compound bow arrow rest for dynamic Center shot

First you should set the rest for correct height this is done by installing the rest and placing an arrow on it then adjusting the height of the rest so that the arrow shaft is at the same height as the center of the threaded hole in the riser that is used to secure the rest  to the bow(the Berger button hole). If you are using a spring steel blade type rest you may need to support the arrow a little so the flex is taken out of the spring steel blade while adjusting the rest height.

Using a bow square set the nock height on the string at 90 degrees for drop away and for a Trophy Taker Spring Steel rest while supporting the arrow a bit to take the bend out of the Blade and 1/8″ above 90 Deg for all other rests. this nocking height will probably require adjusting later in the tuning process.

set your rest left right adjustment so it is approximately in line with the string and stabiliser

Make a dot about 1/4″ in diameter on a target at about shoulder height then step back about 3 yards. set your sight at about 55 yards then shoot at the dot and keep adjusting your sight left, right, up and down until you hit the dot. Now using a larger dot or vertical line that you can see up to 60 yards walk back to the distance shown on your sight this will be around 50 to 60 Yards depending on the bow then shoot a group of arrows, if your arrows impact to the right move your rest to the left. repeat this process until both your short and long distance shots are in line remember to only pay attention to the good shots for all tuning methods.

This is basically the same as walk back tuning only you don’t require a large target, as to the name of it I have heard it called French tuning but what ever the name is it works very well and will line your arrow up with the thrust of the string not just to the cam center