3 – 7 OCTOBER 2011
Leonie Oosthuizen
After SASCOC approval was received for the award of Protea Colours to the selected team, SANIFAA again played host to a glamorous awards ceremony on the 30th September at the Waterkloof Golf Club in Pretoria. 34 Guests attended the gala evening and watched the 24 archers receiving their Protea colours of which 14 were new caps.
Stefan van der Linde, SANIFAA President again reminded all the Archers of the great honour associated with the recognition and the awarding of National Protea Colours.  
He also urged each team member to wear it with pride and honour and to make South Africa, Archery South Africa and SANIFAA proud. He also mentioned that the team would have home ground advantage at this event and also that since the inception of the World Indoor Archery Championships (WIAC) 40 years ago, it would be the first time that this event would be hosted on the African continent. The awards ceremony drew to a close with the handover of the Team battledress and the tracksuits.
With the tournament only 3 days away we were all very nervous and at the same time very excited to meet all the top competing archers from all the international countries and all were looking forward in making new archery friends.
Opening Ceremony – Monday, 3rd October 2011
On Monday morning last of the bow inspections were done and the WIAC Registration team were still finalizing registrations for all the International competitors that were arriving from the OR Tambo International Airport via shuttles. They arrived with luggage and bows in tow.
All the competitors had to take a deep breath as they walked into the Rembrandt Hall were the range was set up for 3 days of competitive shooting. All preparations for the Opening ceremony were in full swing and you could feel the excitement of all the archers in the air. At noon all the delegates from the IFAA member countries gathered in the VIP Room for a briefing on all the procedures during the WIAC.  
All the South African Participants, International Participants and the South African Protea Team assembled on the grass area outside the UP Indoor Sports Centre with their country flags to get ready for the March of Nations.

Steven Kendrick, IFAA Vice President, introduced all the participating countries as they entered the Rembrandt Hall. What a sight! And the excitement of all archers was definitely felt in the hall. Stefan Van Der Linde, SANIFAA President, welcomed all the participants and pointed out what privilege it was for SANIFAA to be given the opportunity to host this World event and also thanked the National Lottery Board for their contribution in hosting of the WIAC 2011. IFAA President Loet Smith also welcomed all archers and made particular note of the Family of Archers culture that has been growing from strength to strength. After all the welcoming speeches the Vice President of the IFAA announced the 2011 World Indoor Archery Championships open.

Tuesday, 4th / Wednesday 5th October 2011: Session 1 to Session 4
The Warm Up range (Hall 3) opened at 07:00 and the archers made use of the time allowed on the practice range before the first session started at 08:00. With only 20 archers that could be accommodated in the Warm Up Range time and space was limited but everyone could get a few arrows into the butts.
Tuesday, 4th / Wednesday 5th October 2011 SESSION 1 08:00 to 10:00 was opened by Steve Kendrick IFAA Vice President and all rules and regulations were given to archers. Session 1 was a mixture of AMFU, AFFU, AMBU, AFBU shooting styles. What a sight! 70 archers on the line at each session, a total of 260 participants in total.

Each Session started off with 2 Practice rounds and after new targets was put onto the butts the scoring arrows would be counted. Although we encountered a problem on the line between a Team Member from Hungary and a South African participant, we had to deal with a bow equipment query and a serious language barrier but it was quickly resolved by the WIAC Range Captain and the session ran smoothly. Needless to say both participants walked away after the 3 days and became very good friends.

Tuesday, 4th / Wednesday 5th October 2011 SESSION 2 10:00-12:00 catered for the different styles that included AMBU, PMFU, VMBU, AMBH(R),JFFS(R), JMFU shooting styles, after this specific session I was approached by a team member from Australia that was out of breath – his words were “your time given between arrow ends are too fast” I cannot get my heart rate down before I start my next end”. I was concerned about the comment and decided to discuss this point at our de-briefing session later the evening with the WIAC Tournament Team. At the de-briefing session we then decided to put a few more seconds onto the clock and give the archers more time to get back onto the shooting line. After that compliments all round!

Tuesday, 4th / Wednesday 5th October 2011 SESSION 3 12:00-14:00 this was the session that I really enjoyed we had the AFHB, AMHB,AFLB, AMLB shooting styles and these guys really had fun! Going back to basics and wow the scores that were shot was incredible!

Tuesday, 4th / Wednesday 5th October 2011 SESSION 4 14:00 -16:00
The greatest session of the WIAC 2011, this session had all the cubs on the shooting line. Just to see all the little ones in action and also their determination was an incredible sight. We had enough officials and cub masters on the line to ensure safety at all times for the cubs. There were a total of 59 cubs on the line. The Cub masters had their hands full to get the emotions down with some of the kids but as soon as they started we had a great session.

SANIFAA’s youth development has certainly grown from strength to strength the last year and it is great to see that Archery is very much a growing sport with the young kids.

Last Shooting Day 6th October 2011 – Shoot outs
Archers were shooting great scores but only a few went through to the shoot outs on the 6th October 2011. Archers that went thought to the shoot outs had a full score of 300 for every shooting day. The shoot of started at 17:00 0n Thursday afternoon and was kicked off by the Cubs. We had 4 cubs that shot a total of 900 for the 3 days.
WIAC 2011 Shoot out format: 1x end Warm up consisting of 5 arrows. After that 3 ends of 5 arrows each, the officials only counted the X count. If there were still a tie after these arrows were shot we would go into a 1 arrow sudden death shoot out.

Closing Ceremony – Friday, 7th October 2011
The Honourable Deputy Minister Gert C. Oosthuizen, MP arrived at the UP Sports Centre and after all archers and guests were welcomed the starter was served. After all the welcome speeches were concluded we started with the medal ceremony. What a great closing to a great and very successful archery tournament. Thank you to the National Lottery Board for the financial assistance.
Before the IFAA Vice President announced the WIAC 2011 closed the IFAA Flag was given over to the Argentinean team for the hosting of the 2012 World Field Archery Championships.

Special thanks to National Lottery for their funding and support.

Speech by The Honourable Deputy Minister Gert C. Oosthuizen, MP

7 OCTOBER 2011
Deputy Minister G.C. Oosthuizen, MP

Programme Director, Mr. Steve Kendrick
President of SANIFAA, Mr. Stefan van der Linde
President of IFAA, Mr. Loet Smit
Second Vice President of SASCOC, Mr. Les Williams
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen

Thank you for the invitation to this medal awards ceremony of the 2011 World Indoor Archery Championships. It is my pleasure to address you this afternoon. To our international archers, coaches, support staff and dignitaries, welcome to our shores and the Capital City of our beloved country, South Africa. We trust that you have enjoyed the festival of archery as well as tours and visits to the varied wonders we have to offer. I trust that you have enjoyed our delectable South African cuisine. For those of you who have made your first visit to South Africa, I am certain you are overwhelmed by what you have seen and experienced here. South Africans are very friendly and we are famous for our warm hospitality. We trust that you will feel the spirit of Ubuntu that we share with all our guests.
We are delighted that SANIFAA was approached by the International Field Archery Association to host the 2011 World Indoor Archery Championships in South Africa. This is the first time in the history of the IFAA and SANIFAA that a World Indoor Archery Championship is being hosted on the African Continent and in South Africa.Thank you for entrusting us with the opportunity to host this event, allowing us to showcase South Africa, yet again. I have learnt that the World Indoor Archery Championships has been held every two years and the last one was hosted by Argentina.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the benefit of those who may not know, allow me to touch briefly on the background to this championship. There are 260 participants from 14 different IFAA member countries. The Countries participating are: South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Namibia, Scotland, Switzerland, and the United States of America.
There are 44 different competing shooting styles. South Africa is represented by 212 archers and competes in 33 different shooting styles. The youngest participating archer is 10 years old and the oldest is 70 years. Now isn’t that remarkable. It really demonstrates the value of archery as a lifetime sport activity.
In 2010 SANIFAA sent a team of 36 archers to Germany to compete in the 2010 World Field Archery Championships. I am told that we won 13 Gold Medals, 6 Silver Medals, and 5 Bronze Medals, with a total Medal count of 24. We achieved 7 New World Champions, and 2 Team Style World Champions. Thirty six South African archers participated in the 2010 World Filed Archery Championships, of which 24 were Protea Team archers and 12 SANIFAA Team archers.
A touring contingent of 40 South Africans made this group the largest group attending an international field event. Koos de Wet in the AMFU style obtained the highest total tournament score. DanelleWentzel set 2 NEW World Records in the Field and Hunter round. Dimitri Amado also set 2 NEW World Records in the Field and Hunter round. In the AMBU style South Africa were ranked in the top 10 archers of the world.
Ladies and gentlemen, in 2011 SANIFAA sent a team of 14 archers to Australia to compete in the 2011 World Bow Hunter Championships. South Africa competed in 6 shooting styles and won 3 Gold Medals, 4 Silver Medals, and 2 Bronze Medals, with a total Medal count of 9. In the AMBU and AMFU style division South Africa were again ranked in the top 10 3D archers of the world. 14 South African archers participated in the 2011 World Bow Hunter Championships of which 11 were Protea Team archers and 3 SANIFAA team archers.

Ladies and gentlemen, SANIFAA clearly has a good overall development plan. I am especially happy that it is also aligned to, and addresses Sport and Recreation South Africa’s strategic priorities. We remain steadfast in our vision of “an active and winning nation” and to achieve this, our focus remains on increasing the levels of sport and recreation participation as well as achieving success at an international level. No doubt, you will notice the fit between our priorities.
We all believe if you do not have healthy active participation at grass roots level, archery will not be a sustainable sport in years to come. In the past three decades SANIFAA have moved from a handful of archers to a strong pool of over two hundred competitive archers. This is good evidence of increasing the number of participants.
Ladies and gentlemen, whilst Government continues to invest in accessible community infrastructure, the non governmental institutions, particularly the Federations and educational institutions need to be involved and partner with government to ensure that there are sustainable sport development programs. SRSA would in this financial year be engaging the Municipalities and Federations and other key stakeholders to work out appropriate responses and solutions to challenges in the provision and management of sport and recreation infrastructure for all our people.
On behalf of the Ministry of Sport and Recreation, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all participants in this championship. To those of you who will be receiving medals, our heartiest congratulations and best wishes. Let us give them a round of applause. It is always a very proud moment for any country when its national team lifts their World Cup. It unites the nation and builds social cohesion like no other human activity can. I wish this championship will also grow in magnitude like the Rugby World Cup one day.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this presents just a brief insight to the possible contribution of this event and the sport and recreation sector to our National imperatives. The impact that it can have on higher-level outcomes, such as sport tourism, as well as inclusivity and representivity in our teams at all levels as well as the spin-offs thereof for social cohesion and national pride remains endless.
I thank you for your keen attention!