WFAA-Welsh Field Archery Association

Here is a list of major tournaments in Wales during 2012.  hopefully any travelling archers who happen to be in Wales at the right times might come along to shoot with us! For more info please visit our site


The tournaments are:


Doinker Welsh Masters Pro Shoot – 21st and 22nd April

Pro shoot for FU archers only. This is part of the Euro Pro Series and will be hosted by HCE Blackrock at our Canada Lake course at Creigau, near Cardiff

For those archers who don’t shoot FU, I can recommend this one as a spectator – it was a real hit last year!


Welsh & Open Field Championships

28th & 29th April at Fonmon course in the Vale of Glamorgan

Day 1 – Field Round

Day 2 – Hunter Round

Visiting archers are eligible for the Welsh Open titles provided they belong to an IFAA affiliated governing body


Welsh Field Masters Tour

This is a 5 stage tournament which is open to all visiting archers provided they are members of an IFAA affiliated governing body

The aim of the tour is to find the overall Field Master by testing each archer with a different round, on a different course at each stage.

As well as the overall Tour winner prizes, we also award prizes for the winner of each stage.

Dates of the stages are:

May 27th, Stage 1: St David Shoot – Field round, venue tbc

June 24th, Stage 2: Owain Glyndwr Shoot – Marked Animal, Llanwrdda, Carmarthenshire

July 29th, Stage 3: Llewelyn Fawr Shoot – Hunter round, venue tbc

August 19th, Stage 4: Caradog Shoot – Expert round, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire

September 23rd, Stage 5: Hywel y Dda Shoot – Marked Forester round, Fonmon, Vale of Glamorgan