Video Coaching

I started using Video motion Analysis coaching primarily as a means of helping my students from face to face classes around the world with problems they encounter with their form and shot cycle. It has also proved to be a very valuable tool for archers who have little access to experienced modern coaching techniques.

All of my coaching methods are based on the teachings of Coach Kisik Lee, I in no way wish to infer that Mr Lee has any involvement in this site or what I teach except that I believe he has developed a technical understanding of archery form and technique beyond that of other coaches,  as such I have found these methods to work very well so this is the system I prefer and use.

I strongly sugest that you visit Coach Lees site to gain an insight into the style of form and shot cycle he teaches  even if you do not intend to use Video coaching a visit to his site is well worth while.

Coaching via video motion analysis has become the easiest and most cost effective methods of identifying form inconsistencies and faults

It is so easy, just take a couple of videos from the side and back of the archer then upload them to you tube, after the download is complete scroll down to the Privacy section then click on Unlisted then a small box will appear below the unlisted button, copy this URL and send it to me in an email with a description any problem you are having.

With this method the only people who can view your video are those you give the URL link to.

I will download the video with my Video analyse software allowing me to analyse all parts of your shot cycle. I will then repost the video with corrections and supply you with an email describing and changes or methods I feel would improve your shooting.


$15 US for each video coaching lesson even if I ask for more angles of your shot cycle analysis the price is only a flat US$15 for each coaching session, payable through your Paypal account or credit card

After payment I will email your instructions and form corrections.

Email your video link and and any questions to me at   or through the contact us page